If you can control spending then you can have more to help with saving. Be sure to always look for deals. Prices are always changing be sure to check things like insurance quotes at least once a year and maybe even every 3 or 6 months. If possible you might want to consider refinancing a mortgage. As we’re always being reminded “rates are at an all time low”.



Make a budget! Budgeting has to be one of the most important parts of managing finances. I suggest you get a free account over at Mint, if your bank participates. Mint downloads all your transactions and categorizes them to help you see where your money is going. You can add bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and other assets. They also recommend you new accounts with better interest rates as well as help you plan to do things like save up for a house or car. I highly recommend you try it out. They even have android and iphone apps so that you can take your budget on the go.


Rebates and Cash Back

Definitely be sure to lookout for these. At the same time you want to make sure you don’t abuse them. If you are buying something just because you’re given a rebate it defeats the purpose and you’ll end up spending more than you’re saving. Just try to incorporate this into purchases you were already planning to make. Check out BigCrumbs for example. They allow you to shop with major retailers like WalMart, Target, eBay, and even hotels like Red Roof Inn. They get commission on the sale and then pass some of that money back to you. This is the type of cash back that you want. I’ve seen up to 35% cash back. They also provide a reloadable mastercard, that allows you to get bonus cash back at some retailers that you might want to look into. You were already about to buy that TV anyway right? Why not buy it online and then go pick it up in the store? They have over 1500 major retailers to choose from as well as member stores, why not go check it out.

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