Let’s start this out by saying that everyone has there own financial situations that they must take into consideration. These are more so guidelines than instructions. Adjust these as needed as often as you must. Your obligations might not allow you to do everything, but you can’t succeed if you dont at least try.


Banks/Credit Unions

Before we begin on this journey, I think we need to start here. Don’t like your bank? LEAVE. The last thing you want to do is put more money into the pockets of the people that aren’t giving you what you need. Try to find a bank with better interest rates on your accounts. Also look for a bank or credit union that you’re not going to be paying fee after fee to. Sign up for a free account at Mint¬†and they will actually make a few suggestions for you based on your interest rates. Mint allows you to add all of your accounts, pools all of the information together to make it easier to read all in one place. They will suggest lower interest rate credit cards and higher interest rate savings accounts to make sure you get the most out of your money.



We’re not saving money under the mattress anymore are we? Use your savings account. One of my methods of saving money is to treat my savings account as if it’s not my money. I won’t go into it for anything short of an emergency. To me it’s a bill that I have to pay every week. I personally have an automated deposit into it every Friday, a set amount that I can afford. You might want to do it bi-weekly, or even monthly. Even if it’s 25 dollars a month, remember it’s 25 dollars more than you were saving before. We all need stepping stones.

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