Saving and Stretching the Dollar and Yet Enjoying the Process

This is a guest article by Michelle Blackmore.

The best way to save money is living within your means. Only if you learn to live within your means, may it be possible for you to stay out of debt and save more for your future. Moreover, you will have to take the initiative to save more and more, and as much as possible for your future, for emergency purposes, and for you and your family’s safety. Just as it is important for you to make money may it be through an online make money affiliate marketing program, or through a proper ordinary regular job, it is equally important for you to save too.

Making the Dollar Last 

So, the question is how can you make the dollar last? That can be possible only if you lower your expenses. For that, you would be required to budget and avoid over expending. Budgeting is the solution to this problem. However, in addition, you will have to make sure that you know why and when are you spending your hard earned dollar. You will have to remain true to yourself and your needs, in order to avoid over expending and buying things on impulse.

In addition, you may try out some everyday tricks, and some of these are:

  1. Moderate couponingCouponing helps you get more at the same price, or at lower prices. So, if you were getting an item at a certain price you may either get it at half the price or two at the same price. Or else, you may also get offer on picking up a different item along with the one you had gone to buy. That is how the coupons or the discount offers work. So, you can practice couponing so that you can save some money on grocery. However, don’t over-indulge in couponing or else, you may end up buying items which you actually don’t require, thereby over expending yet again.
  2. Planning the week aheadIt would be better to plan your week ahead. That way, you will not only plan the meals as per the items you can get on discount but also plan a family weekend on budget. Rather than eating out every weekend or partying, you can save money if you spend time with your loved ones.
  3. Be careful with electric and water usageDon’t overuse electric or water. Otherwise, you will end up paying more on these. These two can bring significant changes, with regards to usage of the hard earned dollar. The less you consume electricity, and the less you waste water, the more will your option be to save the dollar.
  4. Keep an eye on your and the family’s healthIt is extremely important for you to keep an eye on your own health, and in addition your family’s health too. For, health issues lead easily to medical debts, which are hard to pay off. You would be required to use the dollars which you may have been planning to save.

Some Important Savings Strategies

Some of the important savings strategies which can help you solve the debt issues and also save more than usual are:

  1. It is extremely important to start saving from an early age
  2. Simple savings won’t do, you will have to pay heed especially to retirement savings
  3. You will have to go on to invest money in order to make it grow
  4. Other than saving for the future and for your retirement, you need to save even for the purpose of emergency situations

So, this is how you can lower your expenses, and save more every day, instead of leading a debt ridden life.

This guest post was submitted by Michelle Blackmore of She has not disclosed any contact information.


This post was written by a Guest Blogger. Check above for their information. If you would like to guest post here at Dollar Dojo, please check the Guest Post page for more information.

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This post was written by a Guest Blogger. Check above for their information. If you would like to guest post here at Dollar Dojo, please check the Guest Post page for more information.

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