Making money with a website is a pretty broad topic to tackle. You could use it to sell your products, blog or even sell advertising. This effort can be done free of charge. Just search google, free web hosting is out there.  There are a few incentives in buying hosting. For example hosting sometimes comes with a domain name. A domain name is for example, the website that you are on right now. A standalone domain name gives you better visibility online. Instead of being a subdomain (ex: or subdirectory (ex: Some hosting also comes with free advertising. Like a $50 Google AdWords credit for example.

Most people tend to believe that building a website is a difficult task when in fact it can be done in a day or less. This is not to say that you’ll build a gem overnight, but you can get a startup done in the course of a day or less. It’s all about your drive and dedication. Some hosting even comes with free website builders. Check out GoDaddy for example. I personally use BlueHost, they provided me with a domain name and hosting as well as some of the incentives I mentioned earlier like free AdWords credits. There’s also HostGator, which is very popular and also provides great incentives. You should also checkout Wix, they offer both free and paid flash websites which are pretty nice and easy to design. They also provide some of the free advertising that i mentioned earlier. You can find site editors with free hosting some places, you just have to search to find the hosting thats best for you.

Now here are a few ways to pull in money from building a website.


Sell Advertising

There are a few ways to do this. You can go through a company like Google with their popular AdSense platform. There are a lot of companies like this that act as the “middle man”, connecting advertisers with publishers. It is also possible to go straight to the advertisers and sell ad space directly, this in turn can make you more money since you’re getting 100% of the revenue from the ads. The advertising networks usually either pay per click (PPC)/ cost per click(CPC) or cost per mille (CPM) which is actually cost per thousand impressions. Impressions translate into how many times the ad is displayed.

Here are a few advertising networks for you to check out.

Sell Products

This is what everyone seems to think you MUST do to make money online. Use your website as a storefront for a business to peddle your wares. Don’t get me wrong its definitely worth it. An online marketplace can definitely increase your revenue if you already own a business or jump start a new business. I believe for the most part this is pretty self explanatory. Along with bringing traffic you also have the the task of finding e-commerce software. Of course you could program this yourself if you have the skill, or you could use some of the software already developed for an online marketplace. Of course you could always use your own website as a front page for your Amazon or eBay store.

Here’s a list of some e-commerce solutions.

Sell Memberships

If your website contains information that you believe is worth money why give it away for free? You can charge membership fees for access to your website. This can be a monthly, yearly, or one time fee. There are plenty of websites doing this already. These can be set up pretty easily. There are even plugins for WordPress (which this site uses), that allows you to turn your website into a paid membership site.

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