Where to start? Who are we?

We are you. We are students, employees, retirees, business owners, novice investors, mothers, and fathers.

We teach as we learn and we learn as we teach. We want to be more successful with our finances and at the same time help you with yours.

We want to earn money, invest money, and save money more effectively.


At DollarDojo we aim to:

Provide proven and tested alternative income sources and to help you make primary, passive, and/or supplemental income.

•Give tips on managing the money you already have.

•Provide tips to help your businesses and websites become more successful.

•Provide reviews for companies and services we have tried.


This website is open to the public and we believe in absolute transparency. With that said, some of the links contained within this site are in fact affiliate links and we may receive compensation if you choose to participate in any of the offers after following those links.

We provide all of our information free of charge and these are used to offset some of the costs of running the site.


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